Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOW! This just gets better and better

I need to do this before heading home tonight - I'll probably add to it when I arrive there, but lack of sleep might catch up with me.

I am in awe of these MAT students - this class is, well, WOW! Great thinkers, wonderful discussions, insightful questions; a joy to teach. I didn't even mind having to teach tonight after being up nearly all night waiting on my first granddaughter to make her grand entrance into the world.

I have always thought that this class [middle school reading] should be taught at the end of the program, but after two classes with these wonderful pre-service teachers I'm beginning to see that perhaps taking the course early on might be a better idea. I am so enjoying this group - and learning so much from them. Their questions and comments are right on target and help me [and hopefully everyone in the class] to clarify my thinking.

How can it be that after 42 years in this business, I'm still as enthusiastic as I was on my very first day of teaching? I leave class less tired than I arrive - amazing. It's like the CEALL workshops were; I'd arrive on Friday nights dragging, but by Saturday afternoon at 5PM, I was rejuvenated - I feel the same energy at the end of this class every Wednesday night. I just need to remember to begin closure a bit earlier because it seems we always run over about 5-10 minutes. Just because I could stay another hour or so doesn't mean they can or even want to!! Well, enough tonight - I'm headed home. A great day all the way around.


DeniseR said...

So far I have come into your class nervous and left with a little more confidence and understanding each time. I did enjoy seeing the science biopoem last night. What a great tool to use! I would also like to say I appreciate your honesty about our future schools and classrooms. It may not be easy to utilize the strategies we learn, but it is absolutely doable. I am glad to hear that others have had success addressing literacy in our content areas and that fellow teachers and schools can be receptive to new ideas.
BTW-Congratulations on that new granddaughter!! What a joy!

WOO said...

Glad, that you like the class. I think having an older class gives it a distinct advantage. So of have middle school kids are involved the schools, but have seen the education from a different perspective. Also some of us have seen in the private sector where these stratagies should have or could have been benifical to their industry. PS I HAD A GREAT TIME ON SATURDAY. WOO