Thursday, August 21, 2008

Like deer in the headlights . . .

Well, today's first class went OK - but I know that students feel as though they have been drinking from a fire hose today. A few students viewed the class as "scattered" - and I guess in the beginning it seems that way but I want students to see how everything comes together - oh well, all in good time, I guess.

In retrospect, maybe I should deep-six the learning styles thing. I really like doing it, but students were bleary-eyed today as they left class. They don't expect a college class to take so much time outside of class, but if that is a problem for them then they are really in the wrong profession. If they think this semester is bad, just wait until student teaching when they have to arrive at school a the crack of dawn, work all day with few to no breaks and drag home with a stack of paper to grade that defies gravity.

Well, I need to think about this - and probably ask students in a few weeks about it; once they have their feet wet I can get more honest and realistic responses.

I was pleased with the class today, though. Students seemed eager for the semester to begin [if not the homework] and I can tell we will have a good time together.


Emily Pendergraft said...

I can honestly say I don't know if I have chosen the right profession. I wasnt to make a change, influence the lives of young people; but the disorganized nature and chaotic environment does not work for me.

I am looking forward to student teaching, where I will be in charge (at least as much as I can be while teaching someone else's class) of the "flow" of the day. I wish that the education program was organized in a manner where we, as a group, felt prepared to enter the schools. I think for the most part we don't; we feel unprepared and very apprehensive.

Hopefully once we are in the schools this past semester will make more sense to us, but as for now I feel as if I busted my rear and am still unprepared for student teaching.

Raleigh Sumner said...

I feel fine. No really I do, I just want to state that due to a lack of mental competency as this semester has gone on I feel like I'm no longer insane, I am purely psychotic. I enjoyed the class, and I felt that it has taught me alot. I have always known I'd be ready for my student teaching and I am. The reason I feel confident is that for the last two and a half years of my life, everything that we have been taught in the school of Education is subjective. Most students don't realize that if you don't want to use a particular strategy then don't, find another way to accomplish your goals and help your students thats why teachers come up with new techniques everyday. I find that some of the professors in the education department don't want you to be proactive or creative but simply follow the rules and use what you are taught. Thats funny shouldn't they be promoting the ingenuity that they state current teachers don't have, hmmmm. Well Dr. Ridgeway you and Dr. Matthews and Dr. Igo are probably the only ones that I know of who do. I think that you are very receptive to new ideas but are also a realist who believes we should know what we are getting into before we jump in and need a life guard. I feel ready for next semester and even more ready since I've taken this class.

Raleigh Sumner